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AGNOSTIC FRONT interview from 1986

This was done through the mail in the summer of 1986. This ended up in the final issue of Schizo, the zine I was producing while living in Moore, OK. Surprisingly it was a popular zine (and the only zine!) among the student body. Be aware, there were only a couple other punks at this school in 1986. There were a few hanger ons, but for the most part it was jocks, rednecks, and Christians. From what I was hearing, students liked it because the bands and opinions were saying the things they were thinking. Yet, I was still a target of persecution. One girl, can't remember her name, but she bought it, censored it, and handed it to me at lunch, telling me she liked the zine but that it doesn't need all the swearing and to "get right with the Lord". I also know that my zine was more popular than the school newspaper, which angered the journalism teacher. She worked with the principle in stopping the distribution of the zine on school grounds. Through the principal I was told that if I really wanted to write that I should contribute to the school paper. I just saw that as compromising my ideals. Whatever those were!
At that time Agnostic Front were one of my favorite bands. I had made my own shirts of them with a marker, as well as writing their name on a painters hat I wore throughout the summer until it became gross and stained beyond anything Shout could take out. All they had out at the moment was their "United Blood" EP and the "Victim In Pain" LP. I remember a friend and I spending many a weekend listening to that album over and over. It just seem to capture what hardcore punk was at the time. At least in my opinion. That album still holds up. The later stuff not so much. But that's the way it goes I imagine.

Years later, in 2000, I'm walking around NYC in Chinatown going to lunch, and lo and behold I'm on Mott St. I suddenly think about Agnostic Front, and tried to imagine what this place must have looked like back in the Eighties. There were no skinheads or punks there in 2000. Just tourists and plain people.

Who are the members of Agnostic Front, and is there a reason behind choosing the name?

Rob : Rob Kabula - Bass, Vinnnie Stigma - guitar, Roger - vocals, Gordon - guitar, Joe - drums. Alex (ex C.F.A.) recorded the new album with us, but left to be in a heavy metal band.

Did the band go by any other name before arriving at Agnostic Front?

Rob : No, not really.

Who started Agnostic Front?

Rob : Vinnie Stigma in 1982.

Are there any influences on this world that affect what you write in your songs?

Rob : Just what happens to us and how we see things that are going on around us.

What are your feelings toward Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority?

Rob : Fuck them. They are the Nazis.

How do you feel about the movie about Sid Vicious that will be coming out sometime? Do you think it should be done?

Rob : Yeah, why not. Sid Vicious is dead anyway, but Vinnie Stigma is in the movie.

How long to you think trendies will try to be part of the scene before moving on to something else?

Rob : It's happening right now.

Is CBGBs bringing in a lot of good bands now?

Rob : Yeah, tons of great bands.

Who are some of the New York bands you like to do shows with?

Rob : Murphy's Law, Sheer Terror, Token Entry, Carnivore, Crumbsuckers, Whiplash.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Rob : Kung-fu movies on Saturday. Professional wrestling.

Any plans to release a new record soon?

Rob : Yes. It will be out soon on Combatcore Records.

What are your feelings toward the following : the rich, the government, preppies, jocks, and money?

Rob : We hate preppies and jock attitude. The government could use some improvement. The rich and money, well, I wish I was in their position.

Any final words you'd like to say? Or would you like to ask us a question about this zine?

Rob : No questions asked. Agnostic Front will be touring with GBH starting in May through July.

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