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DEATH PUPPY interview from July 1985

This was the VERY FIRST interview I ever did. DEATH PUPPY, along with N.O.T.A. were a pretty big deal for my friends and I. I think part of the appeal of DEATH PUPPY for us was because they were teenagers as well, skated, etc. And they were an active band. I still have their demo tape, and played it heavily in the summer of 1985. Some label called Sound Company put out a 2 song seven inch of DEATH PUPPY in the early 90s. The two songs were from their demo, "Dress For Suckcess", and "I Skate".

Before DEATH PUPPY, they were called DIET OF WORMS, who had two songs on the "Brain Of Stone" compilation cassette from BCT (some other bands on this comp were RAZOR BLADES, ACCUSED, POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD, YOUTH KORPS, and VICIOUS CIRCLE - worth seeking out!). After DEATH PUPPY split up, three of the members, Mark, Richie, and Jason started FACE FIRST, with Darren Mock on bass (who would later go on to play in VERBAL ASSAULT). Mark would later go on to play in KILL WHITEY. No idea what any of them are up to these days. If anyone knows, I'd be interested to find out.

I think this ran in the fourth or fifth issue of False Pseudo. My first attempt was over the phone, and totally naive to it all, I tried to write everything down they were saying, then Mark suggested I send the questions through the mail and do it that way. Lo and behold...

Mark answered all the questions and pretty much "spoke for" the rest of the band using their names.

Who are the members of DEATH PUPPY and where did you get the name?

Mark : Starring in alphabetical order; Scott (future Dunkin' Donuts employee) Burnett - bass, Jason (cross my legs and pound the floor) Hadley - skins, Writchee (mammoth dick) Knapp - and Mark (where the buffalo rome) Smirl - cranking out the twin axe attack, and last but not least, Todd (born to be a little crazy at times) Willige - rounds out the outfit with his impressive crooning.
And as far as the name goes; "Hey, what's in a name any how?"

Who writes the songs, and where do you get the ideas for them?

Writshee : I write the songs that make the whole world sing.
Mark : I write the songs of love and special things.
Todd : I write the songs that make the young girls cry.
Jason : I write the songs.
Scott : I write the songs.

What kind of responses do you all get at gigs?

All: Well breasted women throw their half naked bodies across the stage screaming in rapturous howls of ecstasy.

Do you have any plans to record another tape soon?

Mark : Yes, we have a greatest hits LP in the works. No, but seriously, we're too busy trying to get Jason home from Europe. You see, he's been a victim of a tragic hijacking incident. The terrorists claim they will kill the hostages if their demands are not met. And we're just worried sick and 'sides that, we don't have enough material anyhow.

In your opinion, what do you think the "scene" is like here in Oklahoma?

Mark : Look, the scene is what we make it. Now I know that sounds like I'm trying to avoid the question, but that's exactly what I'm doing. The scene will work for us if we work for it. But I will say this, there's a lot of senselss nit picking and name calling, of which I'm guilty of too, but there's no excuse or reason for this. So unite people! Let's cooperate for the good of us all (yeah I listen to 7 Seconds, so what!).

Final question, where can people get your tape at?

Mark : Well, forget about skipping down to the local Record Bar 'cause it aint there. But if all you boys and girls wanna lay your hands on this master piece of recording artistry, just write me, Mark'o at **** Downing Ct, Edmond, OK 73034, and send 3 bucks in American currency only. In case you have a phobia against sending cash through the mail, then make checks or money orders out to me. Well, what are you waiting for?!!? Thanks.

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