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PSYCHO interview from September 1985

My memory is a little fuzzy on this one... I think this was for an issue of False Pseudo that never happened. So I might have used it in the second zine I started, called Schizo, which lasted for about 2 issues (culminating with interviews with the Meat Puppets and Face First - which will appear much later if I can find the cassette tapes!).

Another mail interview. This time with Psycho, who put out a slew of vinyl from the 80s well into the 90s. I first became aware of them through Unclean Records (Sand Springs, OK).

I forgot all about the term "trendies" until I started typing this out. I can laugh about it now.

I did see these guys live eventually. They shared a bill with Rorschach at Gilman in Berkeley, summer of 1993.

Without further ado....

Questions were answered by Johnny X.

Who are the members of Psycho, and how long have you all been together?

Johnny : Johnny X - guitar, vocals, Bill Norman - bass, Mega - vocals, Charlie Infection - drums.
This line up has been together since November 1984. The original line up (John & Bill) plus 2 former members formed in October 1981, In our four years together we have played over 100 shows and toured the east coast and the midwest.

Who writes the songs?

Johnny : We all write the songs, but Bill Normal and I have written most of the current songs we use in our live set.

I understand you all did a tour not too long ago. Could you tell us how the tour went?

Johnny : It went great. We played Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit, Allentown, PA, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Morgantown, West Virginia. It was a very successful tour.

What kind of reactions from the audience do you get at the gigs?

Johnny : We get really good responses from just about all our shows. We get a better response at all ages shows naturally, but even over 20 shows we play go over really well. We seem to play the best shows in Boston, Philadelphia, and Rhode Island.

Is there any violence at your concerts? If so, have you ever had to stop playing the concert because the violence was real bad?

Johnny : Well, only a few times have we had to stop playing because of the cops. In Boston, we got threatened with arrest if we didn't turn our volume down. In Harrisburg, PA, the cops just walked in and stopped the show. It was ridiculous. Most of our shows have been real cool on the whole. We've played over 100 shows and only a few have been trouble.

What is the scene like in Boston? Are there a lot of "trendies" in the scene?

Johnny : Yes there are a lot of trendies in the scene, The scene here is really good. There are a lot of shows and the crowds are not violent for the most part. Sometimes, there is a little trouble, but most of the shows are really without problems. I like Boston a lot.

Are there any really great local bands in Boston that are their way to underground success?

Johnny : Yes, Boston has many great underground bands; Psycho, the Freeze, Gang Green, FU's, Cancerous Growth, PTL Klub, Salem 66, the Odds, and First Strike.

Do you have any plans to tour soon?

Johnny : Well, we constantly tour the east coast on weekends all year long. Next summer we will do a two week tour that could lead us to Florida or the west coast.

Are you getting ready to release an album or EP soon? Or are you going to take a long break?

Johnny : We will have a new 6 song EP released on Unclean Records of Oklahoma sometime in September 1985. We are already at work on our next project which could be a full album. We are weighing a few different offers right now. We will also be on the next Mystic "Party" album Volume 3m and the "Best of" BCT album.

Do you have any jobs besides the band?

Johnny : Yes, we all work day jobs. Bill is a furniture salesman, Mega works in an ice-cream store, Charlie is an auto parts warehouse foreman, and I am a supervisor in a vitamin mailorder factory.

Any closing comments? Also, is there an address for people to write you all at?

Johnny : Yes, thanks to Matt for this cool interview. We have a 12 song cassette available for $3.50 (Zany Adventures) and T-shirts (medium or large) for $6.00 ppd. Send a stamp for stickers and info. Send all mail to: Psycho c/o John Wolfe, PO Box (doubtful still current 23 years later!), Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142.

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